LiDAR for Consumer Vehicles

The automotive-grade, solid-state LiDAR technology from Innoviz has been designed, manufactured, and tested for integration into series production of Level 3 to Level 5 autonomous vehicles.

LiDAR That’s Designed for Automotive

Automotive requirements related to safety, reliability, and durability, are significantly stricter than those of other industries. As LiDAR sensors must also meet low-power consumption needs, cost, and size constraints, the industry is ready for an advanced LiDAR solution. Innoviz is the first solid-state LiDAR manufacturer with an automotive OEM customer (BMW) and is the only LiDAR today that meets the timeline and stringent requirements of leading automotive OEMs and shared mobility providers.

Meeting Complex Automotive Perception Needs Today

Automotive OEMs and shared mobility providers can adopt Innoviz’s LiDAR technology on its own or pair it with Innoviz’s advanced perception software, for a turnkey autonomous vehicle LiDAR solution. Innoviz's LiDAR technology can meet complex automotive perception needs today.

A Cost-Effective LiDAR Solution Ready for Mass Vehicle Production

The solid-state, MEMS-based design of Innoviz’s LiDAR technology is robust, low-power consuming and, compact, enabling seamless integration into all connected, autonomous, shared, and electric vehicle types. The LiDAR system works flawlessly in bad weather and variable terrain, and its 905nm wavelength range provides the most cost-effective solution for the mass production of consumer vehicles.