Heavy Machinery

Innoviz’s LiDAR technology and perception software are already at work improving processes in the agriculture, construction and mining sectors.

Innoviz’s LiDAR solution enables machines to see and work through harsh conditions, increasing the safety and quality of work environments for employees of these sectors and helping companies complete projects more quickly at a lower cost.

Smart Farming: The Future of Agriculture

Farmers can equip drones with Innoviz’s lightweight LiDAR sensors to quickly survey land conditions. Tractors can also operate autonomously with Innoviz’s dense 3D point-cloud LiDAR data and automate labor-intensive tasks such as tilling and harvesting. Complemented by Innoviz’s advanced perception software, Innoviz’s LiDAR data improves operational safety by helping tractors identify people or obstacles in their path, avoid accidents and better estimate driving conditions. The reliability of Innoviz’s LiDAR technology enables long-lasting automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to work under any condition and cope with every required farm application.

Construction and Mining Automation

Innoviz’s high-resolution LiDAR technology can be used to map out a construction or mining site and provide real-time 3D data for localization to ground vehicles as the terrain changes during operations. It returns multiple reflections per pixel and is resilient to ambient conditions, which is critical for worker and pedestrian safety. These sites are otherwise hard to navigate due to dust, extreme weather, and obstacles (i.e. debris, uneven terrain). When combined with Innoviz’s advanced perception software, Innoviz’s LiDAR technology enables construction and mining companies to monitor progress and identify any potential problems before they become costly.

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