Industrial Drones

Innoviz’s LiDAR technology and perception software allow industrial drones to operate under complex circumstances to monitor regions or terrains that may be inaccessible to human operators.

Industrial grade drones are constructed to be more accurate and efficient for operations such as mapping or surveying a terrain, making Innoviz’s high-resolution LiDAR sensor an ideal solution, ensuring terrains are as accurately mapped as possible.

Meeting Industrial Drone Requirements

Industrial drones are designed to operate day in and day out, and have an extremely robust construction, much more than that of drones that are intended for occasional uses. Innoviz’s solid-date design allow for industrial drones to operate for such extended periods of time, based on the required need.

Delivering Essential Goods by Drone

Hospitals and medical personnel also benefit from drone delivery services that can be used to transport medicine and supplies quickly and efficiently, especially during times of crises when mobility and human contact is limited. Innoviz’s high-resolution, resilient LiDAR sensors and perception software enable UAVs to operate autonomously and avoid obstacles — night or day, rain or shine. Innoviz’s LiDAR solutions can safely operate in skies 24/7 to verify that no parcel goes undelivered.

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