LiDAR for Drones

Innoviz’s industrial LiDAR drone technology and advanced perception software allows industrial drones to reach regions and terrains that may be inaccessible to human operators, providing the ability to work under complex circumstances.

UAV LiDAR Technology from Innoviz

Industrial-grade drones are designed to efficiently and effectively map and survey terrain. When detail and accuracy are crucial to your success, high-resolution Innoviz LiDAR sensors are the ideal solution.

Discover how our LiDAR products, including the InnovizTwo, can be utilized today to improve the inspection and evaluation experience provided by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Meeting & Exceeding Industrial Drone Requirements

Industrial drones are built tough. They are engineered to operate 24/7 without compromising performance over time, unlike recreational drones. Innoviz’s solid-date design, coupled with its advanced perception software, allows for UAVs, such as mapping drones, to operate for extended periods of time, no matter the complexity of the situation.

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Delivering Essential Goods by Drone is the Future

Drone delivery services can greatly benefit hospitals and medical personnel. LiDAR technology streamlines the process of transporting medicine and supplies, especially during times of crises, when mobility and human contact are limited.

Innoviz’s high-resolution, resilient LiDAR sensors and perception software enable UAVs to operate autonomously and avoid obstacles - night or day, rain or shine - when it's needed most.

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