Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors and perception software enhance the operational efficiency of warehouses, open-air storage areas, harbors and ports.

Warehouses and storage and shipping centers can leverage perception technology to automate order fulfillment and logistics. Robots equipped with Innoviz’s LiDAR technology are capable of transporting goods and handling materials at a site, navigating around obstacles, and operating seamlessly alongside human workers.

Revolutionizing Logistics Operations

Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors and perception software bring automation to busy fulfillment and distribution centers. Featuring a compact, lightweight and low-power consuming design, Innoviz’s LiDAR solution can be easily integrated with all possible automated guided vehicles (AGVs) operating at logistics sites - from small robots and forklifts to larger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks. Automation improves the flow of goods and reduces logistical costs, all while enhancing the safety of sites for human workers.

Maintaining 24/7 Operations in All Conditions

Innoviz’s high-resolution LiDAR solution performs optimally in indoor (warehouses) and outdoor environments (harbors, ports), including in a variety of light and extreme weather conditions. Innoviz’s perception software leverages LiDAR data to detect obstacles within a 3D scene, and help robots and automated vehicles safely and efficiently navigate these variable terrains. Designed to last for over a decade, Innoviz’s hardware and software technology provide unprecedented reliability and enable the extensive operation of automated vehicles required at logistics sites.

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