LiDAR for Delivery Vehicles, Robotaxi's & Shuttles

When enabled with Innoviz’s hardware and software solutions, autonomous delivery vehicle applications can revolutionize urban mobility, making it more efficient, environment-friendly, and affordable to all.

LiDAR for Urban Mobility

Enabling Autonomy Through LiDAR Technology

Cities around the world suffer from traffic congestion, pollution from vehicle emissions, and car-related safety issues. Autonomous robotaxis, autonomous shuttles, and delivery vehicles could address these pain points by utilizing Innoviz LiDAR sensors to safely navigate through neighborhoods, city streets, and freeway environments to deliver both goods and people to their destination.

Using Lidar in Robotaxis

Consumer Vehicle versus Shared Mobility Requirements

Innoviz understands the unique needs of automotive OEMs versus shared mobility providers, which both ultimately require LiDAR sensors and perception software that are high quality and reliable. Innoviz’s solution is designed with both use cases in mind, balancing affordability and quality for automated consumer vehicles and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS). An autonomous shuttle may also be deployed in controlled environments (i.e. geofenced areas or fixed, known routes) before consumer vehicles are.

Delivering the Future with LiDAR

In the near future, robots and artificial intelligence will help solve the most complex delivery challenges worldwide. Fully autonomous shuttles and on-road delivery vehicles will do their part, enhancing the way we live today in more ways than we can imagine. They will enable a world where goods are transported quickly, safely, and affordably, and make our lives easier and better connected to the things we need.

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