LiDAR for Trucking

Autonomous and self-driving trucks require a LiDAR solution with long-range capability, high resolution, and durability, making Innoviz LiDAR solutions a perfect fit.

Autonomous Trucking Technology

LiDAR for the Future of Trucking

Enabling a Safer Future on the Road

When utilizing Innoviz’s perception software, self-driving semi trucks can travel smoothly and efficiently, avoiding potential collisions by detecting obstructions and obstacles on the road. Coupled with our advanced LiDAR technology, trucking fleets can deploy a fleet-level ready solution that reduces truck-related accidents and improves commuter and consumer vehicle safety consumer vehicles.

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The Future of the Trucking Industry

A Futuristic, Autonomous Trucking Industry Awaits

In the coming years, self-driving trucks will completely revamp the freight industry by enabling the autonomous delivery of goods worldwide. With the help of Innoviz hardware (such as lidar sensors) and software solutions, autonomous and self-driving trucks will help make the roads safer. Reducing costs, boosting fuel efficiency, increasing productivity, and allowing for fewer accidents are some of the many advancements made possible by Innoviz aiding the mission of automated trucks.

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Efficient Transportation Systems

Autonomous Freight Technology is Creating a More Efficient & Connected World

With a more productive and efficient trucking industry, trucks will be safer, shipping processes will be streamlined, and truckers will be more valued and experience improved livelihoods. Our transportation systems, including autonomous self driving trucks, will be as productive as ever, and cities and towns will be more connected than they’ve ever been. With automated transportation and LiDAR technology, the opportunity for better efficiency is here.

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