A Peek Under the Hood: Inside Innoviz’s Quality Day Offsite

  • June 3, 2019
  • Ronnen Lovinger, Chief Operations Officer

Innoviz Technologies held an offsite for the entire company dedicated to quality and standards in the automotive industry.

A strong adherence to quality lies at the heart of all Innoviz innovation – we strive to do things the right way the first time around. We recently hosted a Quality Day offsite for all staff in order to support our continuous efforts to meet and exceed the quality requirements of our customers in the lidar for automotive (consumer vehicle) market. The offsite included a variety of presentations from our partners, both Tier 1s and automaker partners, as well as from internal management leaders who presented and analyzed relevant case studies from the automotive industry.

Bringing a product into the automotive marketplace is no simple feat. The automotive sector is well-known for upholding strict product specifications, especially surrounding quality and reliability. In order to deliver a dependable, accurate and user-friendly product, a company must create a comprehensive solution with an exceptional balance of innovative technology, well-thought-out manufacturability and exceptional overall quality.

We have been implementing automotive standards at Innoviz over the last 3 years and believe this is an area which differentiates us from our competitors. We are ISO9001:2015 certified, we are implementing ISO26262 (Functional safety) in our components (ASIC, Detector and MEMS) and LiDAR system from early stages, we have selected and developed our manufacturers across the supply chain to meet IATF16949, and we are following ASPICE capability levels for our software development. Simply put, Innoviz goes above and beyond to deliver LiDAR solutions that are ready to meet the critical safety, quality and performance needs of all auto industry stakeholders.

As the leading provider of commercial, automotive-grade LiDAR solutions, reducing any possible risk is top-of-mind for our teams. This goes beyond anything we’ve ever done before – it requires each and every employee and each and every supplier to understand their responsibility and accountability in delivering a product of exceptional quality and safety standards. Because lives will be dependent upon our product functioning as expected, here at Innoviz we are adopting a “zero failures” mindset. Our teams are pushed to do things right the first time. They are encouraged to proactively investigate all possible risks and take action to prevent product failures rather than working later to fix them.

Quality is integral to Innoviz’s company culture and the word exemplifies the mindset of our employees that ensure our LiDAR products meet the highest standards for our customers.

This year’s Quality Day served as a formal reminder of our eternal quality-over-everything mindset. Throughout the day, we shared new information and recent case studies with our team and discussed the future of automotive quality. Representatives from BMW and Magna provided their unique insights with staff, and key findings were underscored to ensure company-wide understanding of and adherence to heightened product expectations. With a full agenda of sessions with our customers, partners and Innoviz’s experienced management, our team explored the many challenges on the road to automotive quality and discussed various solutions that could lead us to success.

We’re excited about the future ahead for our team. Thanks to Quality Day, we more aligned than ever before and poised to deliver the most advanced, durable and high-quality LiDAR system to the automotive industry. If you are interested in learning more about our automotive-grade solutions, please reach out to: marketing@innoviz-tech.com

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