CV Embedded SW Engineer - Germany


About The Position

The Computer Vision (CV) team at Innoviz, develops state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms which address the various perception tasks required for autonomous vehicles, such as object detection and scene understanding. We implement, evaluate and improve upon cutting-edge research, using a mix of classical and machine-learning methods that work in the point-cloud domain, while working on our sensor’s unique, proprietary data.

We are also responsible for the embedded implementation of the algorithm while using the most advanced architectures and acceleration techniques which are available today in the automotive market.

As a CV embedded engineer you will be responsible for:

·      Implementation of CV Application over dedicated a cutting edge ASIC according to automotive standards.

·      Work closely to Innoviz’s partner to allow smooth integration of the application into the full system.

·      Define and create the flow of information for functions of the system and support while these are being brought up.

·      Analyzing and optimizing of the system with a set of accelerators and dedicated cores to allow best utilization of the HW.

·      Feedback algorithm developers around the limitations of the ASIC and suggest alternative approaches.

·      Create the business logic required for operation of the functions per the requirements.


·      Work in the Munich area, willingness to travel when needed.

·      Good understanding/know how of working closely with technical partners / customers.

·      BSc in Computer Science or Electronic Engineering (MSc - preferred).

·      Experience of 3-5 years in the area of embedded development.

·      Experience in SW integration of high complexity systems and usage of API.

·      Knowledge in multi-core SW programming, creation of SW pipeline and core synchronization techniques.

·      Experience in automotive standards (ASPICE, ISO26262).

·      Motivated, self learner.

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