MEMS Testing Engineer


About The Position

The MEMS group deals with R&D and manufacturing of state-of-the-art devices for Innoviz's revolutionary Lidar systems for the emerging autonomous Vehicles industry. The team has different activities:

·       Design innovative optical MEMS devices.

·       Develop MEMS devices, execute experimental investigations and characterization tests.

·       Develop automated measurement setups.

·       Investigate failures and suggest design and process improvements.

·       Design and develop MEMS packaging solutions


·        Develop characterization capabilities for MEMS devices – Wafer & module levels.

·        Establish systems for defect inspections.

·        Document test and inspection instructions, test criteria, reports, and non-conformance actions in support of the manufacturing quality system.


·        B.Sc. Physics/Electrical Engineering or an equivalent field.

·        3+ years of hands-on device test systems experience for semiconductor devices.

·        Strong, in-depth understanding of device test and characterization, specific experience with semiconductor/Electro Optics. 

·        Strong analytic and communication skills, flexibility, and ability to work well in a dynamic, multi-disciplinary environment. 

·        Experience working with MEMS, wafer-scale packaging, and working in a semiconductor clean-room is preferred.

·        Fluency in English. Python/Matlab/Office skills. 

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