Computer Vision Researcher

Israel · Full-time

About The Position

Here at the CV team at Innoviz, we develop state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms that address the various perception tasks required for autonomous vehicles. We implement, evaluate and improve upon cutting-edge research, using a mix of classical and machine-learning methods that work in the point-cloud domain, while working on our sensor’s unique, proprietary data.

These days, the team is expanding, and looking for top-notch Computer Vision Researcher to join our team.

The professional we are looking for should be an experienced Computer Vision engineer, a team player provide innovative solutions and deliver state of the art results.   


·      Solid background in Computer Vision: 3+ years of experience developing Computer Vision Algorithms

·      Solid software skills

·      Experience with data driven solutions

·      Experience with 3D Geometry and Data - an advantage 

·      Experience with Python and Object Oriented practices. OpenCV, C/C++ - an advantage 

·      Experience in optimized implementation and/or algorithm design for Embedded platforms is an advantage

·      Excellent communication and teamwork skills

·      Passion for cutting-edge technologies and product delivery

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