White Paper: Designing A Level 3 LiDAR For Highway Driving

Download a white paper on the LiDAR requirements for safe driving of a Level 3 automated vehicle at highway speeds.

Establishing LiDAR Standards for Safe Level 3 Automated Driving

Innoviz leveraged its years of experience working with top automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers to develop this white paper on the LiDAR performance requirements for safe Level 3 automated driving at highway speeds. The white paper provides definitions of key industry terms and LiDAR specifications that are not well-known to a general audience, and explains the thought process behind designing LiDAR for a specific use case. Highlights from the white paper include:

  • The design of the car can easily determine the design of the LiDAR. OEMs should consider all possible mounting locations in all models in which a LiDAR will be installed to ensure the Level 3 LiDAR is unobtrusive.
  • Highway driving at high speed necessitates extended range; however this cannot come at the cost of insufficient resolution or a reduced frame rate.
  • Environmental conditions, such as weather, lighting, road conditions, and blockage of the sensor also can reduce system performance, resulting in a longer braking time. LiDAR must be designed to take into account dynamic conditions while ensuring optimal performance.

Download our full white paper

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