InnovizOne LiDAR Technology

Automotive-Grade Solid-State LiDAR

InnovizOne is a solid-state LiDAR sensor specifically designed for automakers and robotaxi, shuttle and delivery companies requiring an automotive-grade, mass-producible solution to achieve autonomy. The automotive-grade sensor is purpose-built to be rugged, affordable, reliable, low-power consuming, lightweight, high-performing and seamlessly integrable into Level 3-5 autonomous vehicles to ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians alike.

InnovizOne LiDAR
InnovizOne top
InnovizOne three LiDARS
InnovizOne side view
InnovizOne front view
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A Solid State LiDAR Solution that is Truly the First-Of-Its Kind

InnovizOne is resilient to sunlight and weather conditions, and is able to deliver a rich 3D point cloud at distances up to 250 meters. When coupled with Innoviz’s perception software, the sensor enables superior object detection, classification and tracking with unrivaled angular resolution. 

Seamless Integration of Lidar Sensors & Perception Software

Both InnovizOne and the perception software are designed and developed to conform with the automotive industry’s highest standards – and Innoviz has received the necessary certifications and approvals to prove it. Innoviz is ISO 9001:2015-certified, and implements ISO 26262 (Functional safety) in its components (ASIC, Detector and MEMS) and LiDAR hardware and software systems from early stages. The company has also selected its manufacturers across the supply chain to meet IATF 16949, and is following ASPICE standards for its software development.

Key LiDAR Performance Metrics


Angular Resolution (HxV)

10 or 15FPS

Pre-Configurable Frame Rate

1m to 250m

Detection Range


Maximum Field of View (HxV)


Dimensions (HxWxD)


ISO 26262 Compliant

Car with built-in LiDAR

Product Highlights

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Region of Interest

InnovizOne includes a pre-configured region of interest (ROI) in the center of the LiDAR Field of View, in which laser energy is focused to increase the detection range. The ROI measures 20°x8° (HxV). It does not affect the data interface’s bandwidth, resolution, or frame rate.

Multiple Reflections

InnovizOne returns multiple reflections per pixel and records and stores multiple points in a 3D environment. This is important when laser pulses hit rain droplets, snowflakes, or more than one object on its path.

No Gaps Between Pixels

InnovizOne has no gaps in its LiDAR scanning pattern due to contiguous pixels, which is critical to building a safe autonomous vehicle perception system. Without this, a system could miss collision-relevant small objects lying on the road’s surface or humans if they are within 3D point cloud data gaps, causing devastating results.

Equally Distributed Vertical FOV

InnovizOne provides uniform resolution over the entire vertical FOV. This enables the system to obtain more data than other sensors that focus only on the center (horizon) and lose data moving towards the edges. The InnovizOne vertical FOV is also built with panning capabilities to support mounting tolerances, as well as varying driving conditions such as vehicle loading.

Resilient to Sunlight and Weather Conditions

InnovizOne is resilient to ambient light sources, such as direct sunlight and blinding lights from oncoming cars, as well as poor weather conditions such as rain.

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