LiDAR is a great fit for many industries

LiDAR has enormous benefits in emerging and established industries such as consumer vehicles, shuttles, robotaxis, delivery vehicles, trucking, logistics, sidewalk delivery, industrial drones, heavy machinery and more. The need for accurate, real-time 3D sensing is becoming critical in these markets and LiDAR is capable of meeting their unique needs.

Consumer Vehicles

Innoviz’s technology meets the automotive industry’s strict quality standards – and has received the necessary certifications and approvals to prove it.


When coupled with Innoviz LiDAR solutions, self-driving trucks lay the groundwork for a futuristic autonomous freight industry.


Warehouses, harbors, and open-air storage areas benefit from Innoviz’s reliable and high-performance LiDAR, which safely automates the movement and distribution of goods.

Sidewalk Delivery

The compact, lightweight and low-power consuming features of Innoviz’s LiDAR allow for easy integration for sidewalk delivery services.

Industrial Drones

The lightweight, robust design of Innoviz’s LiDAR technology makes it an ideal solution for industrial drone applications.

Heavy Machinery

The agriculture, construction and mining markets benefit greatly from Innoviz’s LiDAR that performs reliably in harsh environments and reduces risk exposure on job sites.