LiDAR for Sidewalk Delivery

Robots and vehicles equipped with Innoviz’s lightweight LiDAR technology can deliver goods quickly, safely, affordably and autonomously.

Sidewalk Delivery Services

Lightweight Lidar Makes Autonomous Delivery Possible

Autonomous sidewalk robots, designed exclusively for carrying small packages rather than human occupants, provide autonomous last-mile and doorstep delivery along with doorstep delivery services. Innoviz’s LiDAR sensors and perception software enable these robots to operate safely and for extended periods of time with minimal human intervention.

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Sidewalk Delivery with LIDAR

Safer LiDAR for the "Last-Mile"

Delivery devices of any type can be equipped with Innoviz LiDAR sensors to make their operation safe in a variety of situations and conditions. Whether crossing busy intersections or navigating crowded walkways, autonomous sidewalk delivery vehicles can operate without the need for remote support or human oversight.

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Enabling Efficient E-Commerce Fulfillment

As the world continues to grow more dependent on deliveries, sidewalk-driving robots become critical to enabling speedy and efficient e-commerce fulfillment.

Innoviz’s LiDAR technology is unmatched with its compact, lightweight and low-power consuming design, allowing for seamless integration with sidewalk-driving robots that can optimize routes and handle a range of last mile automation for the delivery sector. Such services can complement municipal traffic and be extremely valuable during off-peak hours when people are home and public areas are less crowded.

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