High-Performance, Automotive-Grade LiDAR

InnovizTwo samples will be available in Q4 2021

InnovizTwo is Innoviz’s new high-performance, automotive-grade LiDAR sensor which offers a fully featured solution for all levels of autonomous driving at dramatically lower cost.

Enabling Safe Mobility for All

Innoviz has announced a new generation of its LiDAR sensor, InnovizTwo, which solves a significant bottleneck in the industry.

To allow a safer and smoother adoption of automation, the industry will need to introduce L2+ functionality with hardware that supports L3 and L4 upon launch. Due to its reduced cost and enhanced performance, InnovizTwo will allow more car manufacturers to offer safe L2+, while paving the path to full L3 automation in the most efficient and safe way.

With InnovizTwo, car manufacturers, Tier-1s and Innoviz will be able to collect data through their customer base. As new features will continue to be validated and, later, statistically proven. This dynamic will eventually lead to the car’s software to be upgraded to full L3 without any hardware change.

Key Performance Metrics


Maximum Angular Resolution (HxV)

10, 15, or 20 FPS

Pre Configurable Frame Rate


Detection Range


Maximum Field of View (HxV)


Dimensions (HxWxD)


ISO 26262 Compliant

InnovizTwo features an embedded automotive-grade Perception Platform (InnovizAPP) that includes classification and detection capabilities in addition to the point cloud.

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Configurable Regions of Interest

InnovizTwo has four individually-controlled regions of interest (one on each laser) for dynamic focus in a limited FOV. This allows for enhanced visibility and range with no impact on bandwidth, resolution or frame rate.

Multiple Reflections

InnovizTwo returns multiple reflections per pixel and records and stores multiple points in a 3D environment. This is important when laser pulses hit rain droplets, snowflakes, or more than one object on its path.

No Gaps Between Pixels

InnovizTwo has no gaps in its scanning pattern due to contiguous pixels, which are critical to building a safe autonomous vehicle perception system. Without this, a system could miss collision-relevant small objects lying on the road’s surface or humans if they are within point cloud data gaps, causing devastating results.

Equally Distributed vFOV

InnovizTwo provides the same high resolution in all regions of the vertical FOV, whereas other sensors provide higher resolution only in the center of the vertical FOV and lose data moving toward the edges. This enables InnovizTwo to obtain more data than other sensors. The InnovizTwo vertical FOV is also built with panning capabilities to support mounting tolerances, as well as varying driving conditions such as vehicle loading.

Resilient to Sunlight and Weather Conditions

InnovizTwo is resilient to ambient light sources, such as direct sunlight and blinding lights from oncoming cars, as well as poor weather conditions such as rain.

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