InnovizTwo LiDAR Car Demo Available Today

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Innoviz is excited to demonstrate its InnovizTwo LiDAR is ready for automakers interested in LiDAR for their next consumer vehicle.

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InnovizTwo LiDAR meets the most demanding performance requirements of the consumer automotive market. It isn’t a future state, it is ready now. InnovizTwo is 70% cheaper and performs 30x better than previous LiDAR generations. Innoviz is excited to demonstrate its progress on InnovizTwo with market decisions being made today.

We are experts in Level 3 automated vehicle driving. Working with the best automotive companies on their Level 3 programs, Innoviz knows what it takes to safely transition the responsibility of driving from the driver to the automaker. Our years of experience testing and perfecting Innoviz’s LiDAR designs for the automotive market make us a perfect partner for automakers pursuing autonomous driving. Our team has done the hard, upfront work, so automakers can adopt LiDAR with confidence.

The successful car demo shows Innoviz is progressing with its InnovizTwo LiDAR and the breakthrough performance is real. We’re excited to integrate InnovizTwo into consumer vehicles and support Level 2 and Level 3 automated vehicle programs.

LiDAR makes the difference in safety. InnovizTwo is the benchmark.