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Transforming the Way We Live

With hundreds of thousands of deaths from road crashes annually, self-driving technology has the potential of saving lives and transforming the way we live. Just like other ground-breaking technologies that changed the world, LiDAR technology introduces a transformation of the same magnitude. Innoviz is mass-producing automotive-grade LiDAR with enhanced foresight far beyond what cameras and the human eye can perceive, ushering in a new era of innovation. 

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Innoviz LiDAR Products - Sensors & Software

The solid-state LiDAR sensors and advanced perception software from Innoviz enable safe autonomy by bringing unparalleled optics, seamless design and cutting-edge technology to market.

Innoviz One - Lidar

First-generation automotive-grade LiDAR sensor, delivering a rich 3D point cloud at distances up to 250 meters.

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Innoviz Two - Solid State Lidar

Full-featured, second-generation automotive-grade LiDAR sensor for all levels of autonomous driving.

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Automotive Lidar - Innoviz

Complement Innoviz hardware with our perception software for a deep understanding of any 3D driving scene.

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