Detecting Trespassing or a Hazard in a Predefined Ground Area

  • June 18, 2023
Fence next to tracks

Individuals, workplaces, and municipalities no longer rely solely on camera technology to detect threats or unforeseen objects such as people, drones, or birds in unauthorized areas. This pivot is due to reasons such as a limited range of sight, poor visibility in certain weather conditions or times of day, or simply because human monitors are not paying attention.

Yellow truck

Yellow truck at a construction site (Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash)

LiDAR sensor technology is a 3D camera designed to develop a detailed image of vehicles’ and machines’ surroundings, even when the human eye cannot do so. A LiDAR system is most commonly associated with autonomous driving- A primary challenge for AVs is avoiding hazards and unexpected obstacles that a car might encounter on a ride or in a parking lot, such as low ceilings or debris.

With detection assistance from LiDAR, the vehicle can more clearly “see” surrounding hazards and help to prevent collisions. This innovative technology redefines safety and performance standards for vehicles used across many industries, from Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for consumer vehicles to sidewalk delivery to heavy machinery.

How Does LiDAR Technology Work? 

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It utilizes lasers to send pulses of light, measure the distance between objects, and form a 3D point cloud of its environment. 

A finalized LiDAR image includes objects, unforeseen structures, and terrain within the vehicle’s 360-degree environment, which helps drivers ensure better safety and more efficient performance of their level 2+ vehicles and machines.

Not only does LiDAR improve driver safety, but it can also be used to detect trespassers or hazards in predefined ground areas.

A hole in the fence

Trespassing via a hole in the fence (Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash)

Advanced Features of LiDAR for Hazard and Unauthorized Object Detection

As we rely less on traditional hazard detection methods, cities are now testing out ways that LiDAR can analyze and improve traffic patterns at busy intersections to benefit pedestrian safety, like this project in Tucson, Arizona.

The system embedded in the AZ project can practically replace multiple human supervisors and can do so confidently at any time of day.

As technology advances, so do the dangers of unauthorized objects and the capabilities of hazardous risks, increasing the need for reliable and efficient detection systems across many other applications

How Does Innoviz’s LiDAR for a Predefined Ground Area Work?

Innoviz’s LiDAR technology for persons, hazards, and unauthorized object detection is the missing piece that consumers and companies need to improve safety and efficiency. 

Innoviz is a leading LiDAR technology provider. The key features and capabilities of our automotive-grade LiDAR sensor solutions include the following:

  • Real-time scanning and monitoring 
  • Identification of potential hazards and objects
  • Tracking and prediction algorithms for proactive alerts

Our LiDAR technology goes even further with its ALERT feature. The system is meant to prevent accidents and other unfortunate events by first alerting the upcoming danger and giving the hazard factor a chance to withdraw from the scene. This helps alert inspectors of an accident before someone calls it in so that the system can respond faster and better.

LiDAR for Trespassing 

By defining the size of the triggered area, LiDAR systems by Innoviz enhance security monitoring capabilities for businesses of all sizes.

The systems also make it easier for territory managers to detect trespassing in real time and confront intruders, even in very large or poorly visible geographic areas.

LiDAR for Safety Hazards

When constant monitoring of safety hazards is needed at construction sites, ports, and logistics centers, LiDAR technology takes some of the work off employees’ hands.

The system can prevent cargo and personnel accidents, and potentially save lives. For example, LiDAR can help cranes navigate between containers to avoid dropping cargo or accidentally injuring passers-by. It also can alert supervisors of reckless driver or worker behavior, helping them to respond quickly to the scene and prevent further risk. 

Improving Safety with Unauthorized Object Detection and Security Systems

Innoviz’s LiDAR-based solutions for unauthorized object detection can be easily integrated with a business’s existing security systems and protocols.

To continuously improve the capabilities of Innoviz’s advanced LiDAR systems, we have experimented with LiDAR on train tracks and found it to be quick to detect objects falling on the tracks. This ability offers an efficient solution that can help prevent train collisions with individuals or precious items. 

Take Ground Area Safety Further with Innoviz

LiDAR technology for hazard and unauthorized object detection is a clear necessity for various business and consumer applications, from monitoring unauthorized persons on a company site to preventing safety hazards on a job to improving traffic patterns at road intersections.

The Innoviz team is dedicated to advancing autonomous mobility and intelligent sensing systems. We actively ensure the safety and performance of these systems and that they improve over time with increased utilization.

Contact our team to discuss how LiDAR products from Innoviz can enhance your capabilities in detecting trespassing and monitoring safety hazards, today.